Play-Doh Twist 'n Squish Turtle Playset



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Item: A0653


Conforms to ASTM D-4236
Notice to parents: Contains wheat. Nontoxic.

Creating fun shapes is extra fun with the Twist 'n Squish Turtle playset! Spin the turtle to choose the shape you want and fill its shell with softer, smoother Play-Doh Plus compound. Then squish down and pop out the shape! There are 12 shapes to make and 2 colors of Play-Doh Plus compound to choose from. Twist and squish all kinds of easy-squeezing creations!

" Twist 'n Squish Turtle playset lets you create 12 different shapes with Play-Doh Plus compound
" Spin the turtle to choose a shape
" Fill the turtle's shell with Play-Doh Plus compound and squish to create the shape
" 12 shapes and 2 colors
" Play-Doh Plus compound is smoother and softer

Playset comes with 2 cans of Play-Doh Plus compound

" Ages 3 and up.
" Notice to parents: Contains wheat.
" Nontoxic. Conforms to ASTM D-4236.

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