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Play-Doh Town Veterinarian

Ages: AGES 3+

Item: B5974


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Product Description

The Play-Doh Town veterinarian is accepting new pet patients! Get the vet figure ready for the day by creating a hairstyle on the head, putting on the vet's cap, and stamping doctor's tools with the feet. And the vet is ready just in time, because with a little help from your aspiring vet, this tiger is about to make a whole bunch of colorful cubs! Lay the cubs on their pet bed when it's time for a nap. Shaping a heart with the stethoscope can surely make everyone feel soft and squishy inside, and fixing pretend boo-boos with the bandage mold can make it even better.

Includes figure with hat, stethoscope, pet, pet bed, plastic knife, and 3 cans of Play-Doh Brand Modeling Compound.

• Help the Play-Doh Town Veterinarian take care of the mama tiger
• Create a hairstyle for the vet figure and put on the cap
• Create tiger cubs and bandages with the tiger figure
• Stamp accessories with the vet's feet and the pet bed
• Stethoscope stamps a heart

• Ages 3 years and up
• Compound not intended to be eaten.
• Product and colors will vary.

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