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DohVinci Styler Starter Kit

Ages: AGES 6+

Item: B8956

Product Description

Start the art and discover the DohVinci DIY possibilities! Almost anyone can become a DohVinci artist with this easy and fun Styler Starter Kit. Simply load a tube of drawing compound into the Styler, then squeeze the handle to draw and design with bold 3D lines, dots, swirls, or whatever else inspires creativity! Add fun stamps and artistic effects by twisting a decorating tip onto the tube and squeezing the handle. The Styler Starter Kit also comes with a simple and adorable cell phone holder project to decorate with the Styler and drawing compound. Use leftover drawing compound to create original art on surfaces like wood crafts, cardboard, glass, and more!

Discover the art of dimensional drawing with the DohVinci Styler Starter Kit
Load a tube of drawing compound in the Styler and squeeze to draw
Draw bold 3D lines and designs on different surfaces like wood crafts and more
Includes DohVinci Styler and 4 tubes of drawing compound
Decorate the included cell phone holder with the Styler and drawing compound

Includes Styler, unassembled cell phone holder project, 4 decorating tips, 4 drawing compound tubes, and inspiration guide.

Ages 6 and up
Handle completed design with care. Compound designed to firm up over time, but firmness varies by thickness of application and environmental factors including humidity.
Notice to Parents: Contains Wheat.

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