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DohVinci Deco Pop Refill 18-Pack

Ages: AGES 6+

Item: B4934

Product Description

Running low on DohVinci design compound? No worries here! This refill pack of 18 Deco Pop tubes adds an epic rainbow of colors to any DohVinci design palette. Just choose a color, pop it into a Styler (not included), then aim, squeeze, and design! Try them out on other projects like wood crafts, cardboard, paper, and more! With a parent's permission, of course.

Includes 18 Deco Pop tubes.

• Complete color refill kit for any DohVinci Deco Pop palette
• Pop one into a Styler (not included), then aim, squeeze, and design
• Design on wood crafts, cardboard, paper, duct tape, and more
• For ideas, inspiration, and printable activities, visit

• Ages 6 years and up
• Styler tool and sets sold separately. Subject to availability.
• Handle completed design with care. Compound designed to firm up over time, but firmness varies by thickness of application and environmental factors including humidity.

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