DohVinci Dazzling Display Chandelier

Ages: AGES 6+

Item: B6998

Product Description

Add some shimmer to almost any space with this customizable chandelier kit! This eye-catching accessory is great to hang up or sit on a flat surface, and can even hold small photos and other little keepsakes. To decorate it, simply choose a Deco Pop tube, load it into the Styler, then aim, squeeze, and design with bold 3D lines! Use the DohVinci design compound like glue to attach the add-on pieces almost anywhere and any way. Gems and DohVinci sparkle compound add even more shimmer and shine!

Includes 2-piece chandelier, 16 add-on pieces, 4 gems, Styler, 4 Deco Pop tubes, and inspiration guide.

• Decorate almost any space with a shimmering chandelier creation
• Sits on flat surfaces or can be hung up (hanging material not included)
• Attach gems and add-on pieces for more customization
• Clips on bottom of chandelier can also hold photos
• Includes 2 Solid Deco Pop Tubes and 2 Sparkle Deco Pop Tubes

• Ages 6 years and up
• Hanging material not included.
• Handle completed design with care. Compound designed to firm up over time, but firmness varies by thickness of application and environmental factors including humidity.

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