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What are the ingredients in PLAY-DOH compound?

The exact ingredients of PLAY-DOH compound are proprietary, so we cannot share them with you. We can tell you that it is primarily a mixture of water, salt and flour. It does NOT contain peanuts, peanut oil, or any milk byproducts. It DOES contain wheat.

PLAY-DOH compound is not a food item and is not intended to be eaten. PLAY-DOH compound is non-toxic, non-irritating & non-allergenic except as noted: Children who are allergic to wheat gluten may have an allergic reaction to this product. Also, due to the high salt content in PLAY-DOH compound, the product can be harmful to pets if ingested.

There is no MSDS sheet required for PLAY-DOH compound.”



My PLAY-DOH compound is drying out. How can PLAY-DOH compound be softened or moistened?

To restore the softness to PLAY-DOH compound, try adding water one drop at a time and working it in to moisten the PLAY-DOH compound.

You can also try wrapping the PLAY-DOH compound in a damp paper towel, returning it to the container and replacing the cover. Let it sit overnight.

How can I preserve a PLAY-DOH compound creation?

PLAY-DOH compound is designed to use over and over again. If allowed to harden (to preserve a creation) it will most likely crack.

Look for oven curable clay at your local craft stores to make long lasting creations.


How do I remove PLAY-DOH compound from carpet, upholstery or fabric?

When attempting to remove PLAY-DOH compound do NOT use hot water or cleaning solutions of any kind. To remove PLAY-DOH compound from carpet or fabrics, allow it to dry completely, and then loosen with a stiff brush.

It may be necessary to vacuum clean or wash with gentle soap and cold water. You may need to repeat the process in order to completely remove the PLAY-DOH compound.

Additional Clean Up Tips

1. Pick up the Pieces Part 1
Playtime is done. Here are ways to make the cleaning up fun.
Remove small pieces of moist PLAY-DOH Compound from your work surface -- and even some carpets -- by gently pressing a larger piece of moist PLAY-DOH Compound against them and lifting them away.

2. Pick up the Pieces Part 2
Dry pieces of PLAY-DOH Compound can generally be picked off of hard surfaces. DO NOT USE SOAP AND WATER, as that will make them dissolve and become harder to remove.

3. Cleaning Carpets
If PLAY-DOH Compound gets into the carpet, let it dry. When it's dry, loosen the pieces with a stiff brush, then pick them up by hand or with a hand-held or regular vacuum. DO NOT WET THE PLAY-DOH COMPOUND. DO NOT USE HOT WATER OR CLEANING SOLUTIONS.

4. Keep a Lid on It Store PLAY-DOH Compound in the can with the lid completely closed. If left exposed, PLAY-DOH Compound will eventually dry out.

5. Take a Picture...It Lasts Longer
Your child creates a masterpiece you want to cherish, but PLAY-DOH Compound creations will eventually dry and crack if left out. Preserve your child's work of art by taking a photo of it. That way you can admire it always. You can even post it the PLAY-DOH Facebook page for your friends and family to see!

6. Engage Your Child
Turn cleaning up into a game. Ask your child to find all the blue pieces and put them in a can, then all the mixed-color pieces and put them in a can, and so on. Sing a song while you do it to make the time pass even more quickly. Make it a race to get it done even faster.


Fun Facts

If you made a big ball of all the Play-Doh Compound ever created, it would weigh more than 700 million pounds.

Urban legend has it that if you took all the Play-Doh Compound created since 1956 and put it through the Play-Doh FUN FACTORY playset, it would make a snake that would wrap around the world 300 times.

Play-Doh Compound is the #1 reusable modeling compound, with over 100 million cans produced each year.

Over 950 million pounds, or more than 2 billion cans, of Play-Doh Compound have been squished and squashed since 1956.

Seven million Play-Doh FUN FACTORY playsets have been sold since 1999.

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